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The Story Behind Homemade Investor

Tarek El Moussa began his journey at 20 years old with no formal education and a wild dream of becoming wealthy and successful. He was committed to working hard, learning from his mistakes and fighting for that dream. Fast forward to over 500 houses flipped, countless failures and lessons learned, Homemade Investor was created as a result of Tarek’s commitment to sharing his knowledge with those who share his dream. Anyone can become a Homemade Investor; anyone who is committed to investing in themselves first. The Homemade Investor is you.

"Before you invest in anything, you have to Invest in yourself."
Tarek El Moussa

Introducing: Homemade Investor

Self-made through Real Estate

I'm passionate about Homemade Investor because I was once in your shoes. I made the mistakes that you don't have to. Homemade Investor is your opportunity to get started by taking advantage of my experience, skipping my failures, putting in the hard work and building the life you've always wanted. Make the commitment to invest in yourself. You can accomplish anything you want to accomplish as long as you're willing to put in the work.

~ Tarek El Moussa
A Brand Created from a Journey